Best Friends

When pondering ideas for what we could possibly do at a sleepover, of course a photo shoot came to mind! My two good friends, Allie and Sam, are roommates and are inseparable! I thought, no better way to save memories than a best friend themed photoshoot!

The three of us set out to downtown Pittsburgh and started off at a cute little park right next to console energy center. We decided to go with a "night on the town" sort of theme, high-heels welcome!

After that we headed to the trolley, we couldn't miss the sunset at Point State Park. The golden light at the park proved fabulous for photos. 

We continued our adventuring and slowly made our way over to the fountain while walking river side. The view was gorgeous. 

We finished our night downtown with the ever-famous Primaniti Brothers in Market Square. Allie & Sam did such a great job modeling for me (and were troopers in their heels!) They're both aspiring bakers, and you can check out Sam's page here (and order some cute cookies too!) 

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