Conceptual Series: "Float"

While pondering what photo shoots I could possibly come up with next, I decided I wanted to verge into the more conceptual side of portrait photography. A little out of my comfort zone, I got some inspiration from Pinterest. I found this amazing idea called levitation photography, and decided to give it a try. 

The first model I tried it with was maddy, and I say it went pretty well for a first shot.

It only took one shoot to get me addicted to this idea of floating things, and before you knew it I was popping out levitation photos left and right. Remember Mia from the model shoot I did a little bit ago? She's back.

Taken in downtown Pittsburgh in the Hill District

Taken in downtown Pittsburgh in the Hill District

Neat, right? I certainly thought so. Shortly after this I was hired to shoot some photos for a band. I bet you can guess what I made them do.

I figured at this point I was pretty OK at making people levitate, so why not try objects?

I started this series with Maddy, and also ended it with Maddy. We went to Mellon Park and I got possibly my favorite shot from the whole series.

I had a ton of fun making things levitate and will probably do this again in the future, but for now I hope you enjoyed these! 

-Ashlee :-)