She Was a Skater Girl

Recently, I have really been wanting to get into more stylized portraiture. So, I arranged a shoot with the awesome Neville Island Roller Drome and a friend from high school, Sarah!

My friends and I are frequent skaters at the drome, and usually try to get out on Thursday nights. The place itself hasn't been remodeled since the 1970s, so everything is authentic. One night when I was skating there, I decided it would be the perfect place to do a stylized shoot! I contacted Sarah, who I knew had the perfect aesthetic and style to be my model. As a bonus - she used to skate!

After some planning, we headed out! I brought along my friends Allie & Victoria as assistants, and my videographer friend Paisley. Read until the end to see a little video she made about the shoot! The photos themselves turned out awesome, and sarah brought along her own record player and polaroid camera!

Here's a behind the scenes video from the shoot, shot by Paisley.


Special thanks to my friends for making this shoot so much fun, and running it very smoothly!

And of course thank you to the awesome owner of Neville Roller Drome, Jim, for letting me shoot there and helping me get all the awesome shots. You can visit their site here to check out their hours, specials, and lessons!

Model: Sarah Deutsch

Assistants: Allison Kocis, Paisley Terwilliger, Victoria Venskoske





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