Baby Navy ~ Mommy & Me Session

On a Thursday morning, I set out and headed to the North Side, ready to take the cutest baby photos! Little baby Navy certainly obliged with her squishy cheeks and bright blue eyes.

How cute, right?! She LOVED the window light, and wouldn't stop staring at the sky (which worked out great for me lighting wise ;) ). She was such a little sweetheart the whole photo shoot.

I'm still not over the cuteness. Some of my favorite shots were silhouettes in front of the window.

However, this shot took the cake for me. Her looking at mom like that melts my heart!

Of course, there were the usual out takes that come with baby photos.

Still a cutie nonetheless!! Seriously adorable. Look at that squinchy (this is a word now, ok?) face.

Had a great time working with Navy and her mom! Perfect session right in time for mother's day. <3