Rainy Day at Hartwood Mansion

I have been wanting to check out the Hartwood Acres Mansion ever since I went there and saw their fantastic Christmas lights display! I drove up about an hour before the shoot, and due to road closures and troubles I ended up on the completely wrong side of the park! I was trying to scout some locations and ended up wandering around in the middle of the woods. Luckily my model, Courtney, was able to find an alternative route and we both headed up to the mansion. 

Although it was raining pretty heavily for most of the shoot, Courtney did a stunning job modeling. These were some of the only flowers I could find on the property, and I basically made her sit in a bush! I love how these ones turned out.

The rain started coming down harder but we kept on shooting! A quick outfit & scene change and I ended up with this shot that looks something straight out of a studio!

Here's where this was actually taken; not quite a studio.

Courtney did an absolutely stunning job, her modeling skills & outfits were on point. Special thanks to Hannah Bastaroli for her make up! 

You can follow Courtney on instagram here, and keep up with Hannah's awesome makeup & styling here

Moral of the story: Rain days don't exist (unless it's pouring)