Inspired Self Portraits

Being given the task of recreating & taking inspiration from famous artists can be quite intimidating (especially when said artists have been inducted into museums while still in college). Whilst studying the history of photography, I was challenged to recreate beautiful photographs by the very talented Cindy Sherman. 

If you don't know who Cindy Sherman is, she is a conceptual fine art photographer famous for her self portrait series "Untitled Film Stills". In these stills created in the 1950s-70s she commented on the unnecessary standards that many women of that time were being held to (such as housewives, seductive objects, etc.) This series was immediately ppurcahsed by the Museum of Modern Art. Below are a few of the images that I took personal inspiration from.

Cindy used different outfits, make up, and hairstyles in order to portray herself as different people. I was especially drawn to her photographs as they broke many technical rules that I typically follow (sunlight on the face, off compositions, ect.)

The following self portraits were inspired by Cindy's work,

It was certainly a challenge trying to be different people, but I really enjoyed the process of this entire project. I hope my pictures even live up to Cindy's just a little bit. 

Thanks for reading!

Ashlee :)