Miranda & Nugget take on Savannah 🐾

I actually met Miranda through twitter a few years ago when I used to live up in Pennsylvania! I ended up following her on instagram, and noticed that she lived in Georgia. When I found out I was moving to Georgia as well, I messaged her and discovered she only lived about 2 hours away from Savannah! If you've seen my Star Wars blogs, you're well aware I'm into the more ~nerdy~ side of things, but so is Miranda! This year was Savannah Comic Con's first show, so we decided to go together and I invited her and Nugget over for the weekend! 

Miranda had never been to Savannah before, so we did all the usual fun things! We took Nugget for a long walk in Forsyth park, and bought him some treats at Wolfgang Bakery (which, if you're not familiar, is a dog bakery and spa). I'm awful at navigating so we did end up getting lost, but we found awesome photo spots like the one in the photo above!^ We had dinner at Moon River Brewery (they're dog friendly, vegetarian friendly, AND have gluten free options. 10/10), and we walked along river street too!

If Nugget looks familiar to you, it might be because you're one of his 12,500+ instagram followers! He's quite the popular pup, especially after being featured in this Buzzfeed article!  I had the honor of taking photos for Nugget's first birthday pictures. We bought him a big birthday treat at Wolfgang, and he was such a good boy posing for his pictures!

Miranda also has instagram which you can check out here She also just opened up an etsy shop, where she sells adorable pins, stickers, and prints! Check out her store's instagram to see more of her work! I personally have the "Corgi Butts Drive Me Nuts" pin, and get compliments on it constantly. I'm pretty much obsessed with it. 

I had so much fun with Miranda & Nugget in Savannah and can't wait for them to come visit again!