Cloudy Photoshoot on Tybee Island

I love love love when my friends come to visit me from Pennsylvania! I love it even more when they make for amazing models ;) You've probably seen Maddy on my site before (check her out in one of my favorite shoots ever here). She's no stranger to being a model and I figured while she was visiting we should take advantage of how cute Tybee Island is & shoot on the beach! 

Everyone always thinks "sun sun sun!" when it comes to photoshoots, and while sun can be nice at the right time of day, I LOVE when it's nice and overcast. I don't mind if a little bit of sunlight peaks through the clouds, but there's nothing like the soft light on a cloudy day, especially at the beach!

Maddy and I had such a blast, can't wait til she comes back to visit again! <3