Ben & Taylor // Surprise Proposal Session at Wormsloe

I can't even begin to express how freaking perfect this proposal session was! Ben planned everything as a surprise and brought Taylor to Savannah on vacation. He picked the location, had her dress nice for a "fancy dinner", and to put the cherry on the cake he had her whole family in on it, and surprised her with them, too! Taylor thought she was just going on a romantic walk through Wormsloe but really, he was popping the big question! Her family even brought champagne. Just LOOK at how cute and perfect.

and of course, the ring was drop dead gorgeous.

Ben's idea of getting the family involved pretty much melted everyone's hearts, including mine.

and of course, last but not least, a surprise engagement session at one of my favorite spots in Savannah.

Thanks Ben & Taylor for letting me capture this special moment! <3