Day Trip to Charleston!

Sometimes I like to blog about stuff in my personal life, too! After all, there is a human behind the camera! My boyfriends awesome mom, Frances, was visiting from Pittsburgh a little while ago and we had so much fun exploring old Savannah with her, checking out all new restaurants downtown, and even did a mini session over at Wormsloe Historic Site with her Boston Terrier, CoCo! (You can check that out over on! 

However, during the duration of her trip, my iPhone camera just suddenly stopped working. Even my flashlight wouldn't turn on! As it turns out, the closest Apple store to me is aaalllllllll the way in Charleston. Being the photographer that I am, (cell phone included) I decided I couldn't live without my back camera and we made a day trip to Charleston! My lovely boyfriend, Trey, took a few photos for me as well, and he's getting pretty good at this whole photography thing if you ask me. 

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now, enjoy a little glimpse into our day trip, and a sneak peek at our session with Coco!

 See more of Coco at Wormsloe here!